Mi Familia California

It was Lent 2016, and I was sitting in the office of Edward James Olmos at Olmos Productions on the Disney Studios lot. After other meeting participants left, I shared a few moments alone with the legendary actor/producer, and the following conversation:

“Edward, I want to tell you something personal” I began.


The Fourth Stream –  the ministry of The Woman

By Jennifer Wing Atencio Today, July 22, 2016,  we celebrate the first official feast day in the Roman Catholic calendar of St. Mary Magdalene, known as the First Evangelist of the Church. She was the first to see Jesus in His risen form and the first to be spoken to by Him following His resurrection….

Mission to California- the history of the Mission Play

by Jennifer Wing Atencio As Catholics, the work of reconciliation is what we embrace,” notes Claretian Father Bruce Wellems, pastor of San Gabriel Mission. “It is good to forgive and to acknowledge, yet the majority of our energy has to go to reconciliation. That is what is important.” “The Mission Play, 2013” — a production…