Audacious Faith & my healing from Cancer  

Jesus reached into my experience because of faith, and defied natural law to produce a contrary-to-science result, leaving me completely cured and now retracing my steps so that I can share the wonder of it with you.


The Fourth Stream –  the ministry of The Woman

By Jennifer Wing Atencio Today, July 22, 2016,  we celebrate the first official feast day in the Roman Catholic calendar of St. Mary Magdalene, known as the First Evangelist of the Church. She was the first to see Jesus in His risen form and the first to be spoken to by Him following His resurrection….

Defending Infant Baptism – a Confirmation by Fire!

“While reading with her the supporting verses for infant baptism, I was thinking about my Non-Catholic, Christian friends, and I wondered if they would know about these particular scripture verses. I don’t know if just reading verses would convince them of the validity of infant baptism. Their denomination would tell them how to interpret the scripture. But, I think it is important for them to know that scripture is not silent on it. “